“The average hiring mistake costs 15 times an employee’s base salary in hard costs and productivity loss.” - G. Smart


   ITH Staffing is in tune with the challenges of recruiting talented and dedicated staff to fill open positions. Trust your entire recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding process to our recruitment experts who have the experience and expertise to fill permanent positions with the right candidates. We will also augment your current in-house team to manage seasonal surges or high-volume ramp-ups.

It has been said, “employees are walking billboards of your hiring quality”. ITH Staffing only provides professionals with the right mix of competence in their specialty that will fit in and adequately represent your organization and culture.

Our staff will provide unique and individualized plans designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. ITH offers efficient service to result in maximum satisfaction for both the client and the employee. We emphasize a purely customer oriented focus with the utmost flexibility in our healthcare recruitment offerings.

Whether your needs are short term, or you desire to directly hire talent, we will find the right candidate for you. We provide seamless management of payroll, invoicing, state and federal reporting, and all associated human resource functions. ITH meets the standards defined by JCAHO, CARF, and OSHA - assuring you of our business quality and safety measures.


What Our Candidates Can Expect

  • Top Tier Careers With Top Tier Clients
  • Nation-Wide Job Opportunities
  • We Match You With the Perfect Job
  • Excellent Customer Service 24/7-365

What Our Clients Can Expect

  • Competitive Market Rates
  • Experienced & Professional Recruiters
  • Highly Skilled And Vetted Candidates
  • Excellent Customer Service 24/7-365

The goal of ITH Staffing is to provide a pool of excellent healthcare and information technology professionals to meet your recruitment needs.