10 Career Tips I'd Tell Younger Me

Hindsight is 20/20 so let’s look back and see what we’ve learned from our experience in the field.

When you’re a newbie in the first early years of your field or beginning your job hunt, there is not much to go off of to avoid pitfalls and easy mistakes. You just don’t have a storage of experience and mistakes where you can look back and figure out your next move. The one thing you have is your gut to go one and a little bit of luck.

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Let outline some real life usable career tips that anyone who’s been able to successfully move up in their field would want to tell their younger newbie selves and people who are just beginning.

1. Results are the bottom Line

Sometimes as an hourly employee we get wrapped up in our time and effort and how long it takes to complete a project or task at hand, which can also determine the quality of our work. But, this is a two edge sword, we must aim for the best desired outcome, without overspending too much time where spending more time does not equal significantly better results.

Enough effort can cause some great results. Your goal should be to use your time and energy wisely and to focus on the results.

2. Find your dream job

To land a dream job is is a career goal. Dream jobs don’t fall out of the sky no matter how qualified or well connected you are. It takes a lot of reflecting, successful work streaks, and a pinch of luck. Therefore, it is key to dig deep and figure out what you excel at and what you might need to improve on in order to make your way to your dream position.

Keep in mind that dream jobs come with finding a dream company with a company culture that meshes well with your personality and values. Once you find the right positions you must find the right company to let your talents shine.

3. Your decisions are more powerful than you think…

The truth is your decision are very powerful and can be life changing if you want them to be, do not underestimate your power of change. At some point in time you did decide to go into this career, job, or company but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in commitment forever.

Don’t be afraid to venture into a career change. The Main Point: Be open to new possibilities and be flexible you can be happy learning new skills and finding a new position that fits your long term goals as you grow older and your direction in life changes.

4. Remember, it’s just a job …

… not your entire world. Self-employed business owners, and workaholics may see this different but if you are giving your job your all, your 100% everyday at every project and task, at the end of the day… your job does not define you.

A healthy balance is the take away here. Yes you should have pride in what you do and respect your position but in order to have a healthy mind and body, you do need to clock-out and have a life outside your job.

5. Keep it moving

What isn’t growing is dead. The same rule applies to your career if you stay in the same position for too long — you must learn and grow with new skills and environments. Competition is fierce with companies now cross-training their force in difference fields and skills, you must always be acquiring new skills. Do not stop and do not get comfortable, take the new opportunities to get to the next level. Standing still will leave you behind.

6. Dare to address topics with anyone and everyone

Communicating your needs and what matters to you in important in maintaining a happy work environment. Having a real conversation who ever it may be to address an issue to resolve is the way to get things changed.

The key take away is to communicate and tailor your message to who you are addressing, take your time to get your message across, listen to what the other party has to say, and make sure you are in a calm and composted and in the right state of mind.

7. Learn to stay calm

Situations may arise at work where you work that may make you angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated, or any range of emotions. These testing times and situations are important to remember to stay level headed to take a clear well thought action to move past it.

Having a strong hold and restraint on your emotions when things hit the fan will command respect from your co workers and supervisors and help you come out the other side with a positive outcome.

8. Manage your finances NOW

Part of being an adult is being able to manage your finances. Having a plan for the future with your finances can be a relief for you down the line. Take advantage of any benefits your company may offer like matching your 401k, setting aside a savings account that you do not touch and regularly contribute to, give yourself financial goals and smash through your milestones. There are many things you can do by thinking ahead financially, these are a few to start.

9. Tune out the people who say you can’t do it … and just do it

This sentence can stand alone. Do not let others get in the way of your goals or diminish your accomplishments. Sometimes the words of others can be made with good intentions but the point is to trust yourself and your grit.

10. Work should be enjoyable

Although work cannot be 100% rainbows and butterflies even at your dream job you should be able to have some happiness and joy in your day to day. If you have a case of the Mondays every Monday and Friday can’t come fast enough then it’s time to find a new place to work.


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