9 Tips for Getting Settled at Your New Job

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You spent months searching for a new job, and now the dream finally came true: You landed an awesome gig. But now comes phase two of landing the job: Getting settled into your new role. The first couple months working somewhere new can be exciting, terrifying, and confusing—and they can really make or break your time at a particular company.

If you’re looking for an extra push to really get settled into your new role, we’ve searched the web for the best resources on how to totally wow your new boss and colleagues and feel way more comfortable in your surroundings.

  1. If you have a little room (even a couple of days) between leaving your old job and starting a new one, take some time to mentally prepare yourself for your new role. You’ll feel refreshed and excited for what’s to come (instead of totally burned out). (Lifehacker)

  2. If you just started a job, make sure you do these nine things during the first week. (Business Insider)

  3. Not sure how to get situated during your first three months on the job? Luckily, this 90-day roadmap will keep you focused. (99U)

  4. Trust us: You really don’t want to make the mistake of not listening when you’re settling into a new position. (TIME)

  5. If you’re trying to feel comfortable at a new office, change can be one of the hardest adjustments. By improving how well you form new habits, you’ll get used to your new environment faster. (James Clear)

  6. Uh oh: Hate your new job so much that you want to go back to your old one? Not so fast! (Forbes)

  7. Another tip for your first couple of weeks and months in the office: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. (LinkedIn)

  8. These 10 nuggets of wisdom will make you feel a whole lot more comfortable in the office. We promise. (Fast Company)

  9. And for a little boost of confidence as you adjust to all the new things around you? We’ve got just the tricks. (The Daily Muse)




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