10 ways you are destroying your executive presence


"If you enter a room with 15 leaders one of them will stand out. She will have an air of confidence that people notice. Others will stop talking and listen to him. That person will have an overall decorum that exudes the message, “I belong here.”

Executive presence is a blending of mindset, competencies, and delivery that gives the overall impression that this person has dignity and can get the job done. Can executive presence be developed? Yes – if the person has a foundation of self-confidence and a willingness to build their self-awareness and self-regulation."

By Mary Lee Gannon - Source


1. Emotional restraint

The art of pausing before acting is one that an executive must master. These moments to take in what is going on and act accordingly without anger, a rash decision, or responding with a biased opinion that may not be politically correct. Managing your emotions in these moments help make moment when you speak really count.

2. Know your limitations and strengths

Opinions and actions can be clouded by a persons need to be right or with fear of being judged, so a clear third-party view can help maintain a clear head on your next move. Self awareness on When self doubt sets in remember your strengths and how to use them.

3. Uptalk

"Leaders Don’t Uptalk. Leaders command the room every time they communicate. 

Uptalk is when you raise your intonation at the end of a declarative sentence. So, you might want to say “Walk all the way to 406 Brannan St.” But it will come out sounding like “Walk all the way to 406 Brannan St.???”

If you do the second version, your listener will not know whether you are giving them directions or asking for them for direction.

If you uptalk often, then you will give the impression at the conscious and unconscious level of your audience that you are not sure of what you are talking about. " Read More On Uptalk

4. You don't speak with certainty

You've seen them, Tony Robins, Oprah, Patrick Bet David, and more. They have a a list of traits you admire -- Cadence, tone, pauses, sincerity. Use your phone to record yourself on your next phone call and listen and see if you have the traits you would look for, would you hire yourself? Show your video to others and ask for their feedback, allow for criticism for improvement.

5. you aren't known for getting it done

Strive for progress not perfection. "Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world." - Robert Hillyer . Waiting for the perfect moment or working a project to pieces because it is not perfect yet can get in the way of results. Don't overwork that project, make sure you are reliable in getting project and tasks done. 

6. You don't dress the part

First things first, know you workplace culture. Your wardrobe should fit the part, it needs to present you as clean, organized, coordinated, and classic. Dress the part, if you move up in the company its time to update your closet as well.

7. You cant orchestrate the organization

Leaders know the inner workings of their team, they know who to place where and for how long to make sure the day to day tasks work like clockwork. Understanding who to collaborate with as well to team up and move ahead together with teamwork.

8. You don't command attention

Do everything with a main objective in mind. When you speak what is your main message that you want to get across? There should be no guessing games in your directions. 

9. You don't know when to enter a conversation to make a point

To learn from and support your team you must be totally present for them with your full attention. Listen, ask questions, and understand your teams side before you step into the conversation and begin to make moves. You must understand everything from the ground level rather than from above, you can get more details when you see things at their level.  

10. You are not ready for surprise challenges or opportunities

Great leaders are 2 steps ahead and ready for the next curveball. An intuitive insight into what's coming next is essential to an executive roll, planning the next step can you your team keep running or stumble and fall.


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