What Colors to Wear (And Avoid) During Your Next Interview

Believe it or not, but the color of your interview attire can have an impact on how you are perceived during your interview.

Today we're going to talk about colors. What color suit or outfit you wear to your job interview? It's a really, really important question that is often overlooked. Color can dramatically affect the first five seconds on your interviewer so it's important to take some time to put some effort into it. For example, if you wear a red tie, you run the risk of being seen as overly assertive, dominant, and possibly a little bit arrogant. If you wear yellow or orange, you maybe seem off the wall, and you may not even be taken seriously. But for some professions though the rules can bend and switch depending on the the position you are interviewing for or the company culture. Red may be useful: for example, sales companies are often interested in overly confident candidates so if you're sporting a suit and you slip on on a red tie, that would be great for somebody who's interviewing for a sales position.

On the opposite end of the spectrum for example an accountancy firm, the rules change. When it comes to accounting firms or even legal firms, they're more interested in candidates that are more on the conservative side so red would not work, but instead colors like blue or gray or brown would be perfect. In this case we we need colors that indicate a sense of sensibility, hard work, conscientious type of personalities.

The award of Best dressed doesn't turn a poor candidate into a great candidate but it does make the right first impression. You need to prove to the interviewer that you can represent their company. This will help the interviewer and for you, the candidate to determine if this is the right fit for you in this organization. Wiki Jobs recommends wearing a dark suit with a blue or brown tie for jobs that are in accounting, law, and consulting. For jobs in sales or investment banking and similar lines of work, a dark suit with perhaps a red tie or red top would be best fitting.

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So, how are colors perceived in general?

Blue: So let's start with my favorite interview color, blue. Why blue? Blue shows that you are confident, reliable, honest. Wearing a strong blue is a good idea to almost any interview, it's one of those perfect colors to choose for an interview regardless of what career you're going for. Blue is an overall safe bet interview color.

Brown: Brown is also another great color but you really have to be careful with brown. Brown says that you're confident and you're resilient, but it can be a little bit boring. With this color you want to be careful and reach out for a second opinion before you wear brown, especially if your entire suit or your entire dress is brown.

Red: Remember red is assertive, it's bold, confident, but you need to be careful with red because sometimes it can come off as overbearing, over assertive, cocky, and or arrogant. Be very mindful with this color a red is a double edge sword.

Yellow and orange: Usually offbeat, however I personally do think yellows and oranges are great for careers that are creative. This would be a great color choice for the candidate looking for a position in the arts to digital marketing, yellow and orange is okay.

Black: You can never really go wrong with with a black suit at all, whether it's a pantsuit, a skirt suit, black is usually a strong interview color. However, for men, do not ever wear a black tie. Black ties are traditionally used for formal events and can send the wrong message. In conclusion; black suit's okay, black tie's no go.

Grey: Gray is very stylish, a lot of people don't use gray in interviews, I think it's great with another pop of color. Gray can be paired with a nice blue and you have a winning combination there.

Now let's talk about what not to wear. Unless if it's pastel in shades you want to avoid green.

Green: I know this will be disappointing to many because I love green, but it's not a color to wear to an interview. Believe it or not, green says that you're untrustworthy. Green sends out messages of deceit, so we definitely want to be careful with those greens.

Stripes: stripes, stripes, stripes. Too many stripes will make you seem like completely unhinged, so my stance on this is that unless if you really have a killer outfit, I would avoid stripes. It is just, it makes the interviewers nervous, it's just too much going on. Unless if the stripes are tasteful, I would definitely avoid wearing any kind of stripes to an interview.

I hope you took something away from this. Let me know what your thoughts are, do you have any good stories that you'd like to share about what you wore on an interview and what impression you felt that it gave off? If you found this information useful, please comment, let us know. If you feel somebody else could benefit from this content, please go ahead and share and like.



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