Chief Operating Officer at ITH Staffing


Chief Operating Officer

In the exclusive Healthcare and IT recruiting industry, Constance Moonzwe’s name and years-long proven track record are synonymous with the “gold standard” in all things staffing solutions.  Today as the COO of ITH Staffing, Inc., the premier healthcare and information technology staffing company serving organizations on a national scale, Moonzwe helms all operations, including strategic planning and staff development for this high-volume, high-profile firm based in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  This industry veteran with 20+ years of experience has managed large portfolios and successfully delivered professionals to companies in the areas of Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Engineering and Health Risk Management.  Moonzwe's broad experience in business consultancy and leadership has made her a foremost sought-after expert in the field.  

A proud member of the Society for Human Resource Management, she continues her unstoppable force and revered recognition as a trail blazer, role model, and mentor – terms set by her unsurpassed success as further lauded by industry peers, colleagues and employees.  Through her ardent drive, fierce in finding a way through, this also translates into her personal interests.  Creating a bridge from ITH Staffing, Moonzwe has thrust equal time into her community work as the Vice President of ITH Charities, an organization she founded in an effort to promote sustainable healthcare and educational development initiatives.  Steadfast in her numerous accomplishments, and throughout the course of her growth, Moonzwe considers herself to be a recruiter, first.  In her words, “Recruiters are transformation specialists.  Because of the work we do, we create happy homes and facilitate economic growth."  


VP of Recruitment at ITH Staffing


VP of Recruitment

In her primary role for ITH Staffing, Inc., Claudia Garcia brings an impressive backlog of experience in the healthcare space over a decade strong as an esteemed business consultant.  Her solutions concentration at the organization eases the process of candidate placements for the many providers they represent; including those who own a private practice and are experiencing little to no growth.  Garcia has a keen ability to analyze an organization and create right-fit solutions to meet their recruitment objectives.  A priority function in her day is scouting and acquiring top talent for her clients.  Hard to miss is her passion for supporting entrepreneurs who are seeking to improve their lives, an effort that is reflected throughout her vital work.  

Garcia believes matching ideal people placements are integral to the success of any organization.  "I firmly believe in having the right staff within an organization in order for it to remain healthy and see steady growth.  One ill-paired candidate can mean a costly mistake to the tune of thousands, if not millions, in profits."  Garcia is also the founder of The Creative Life Foundation, a 501(C)3, which supports the transition of foster youth into adulthood.  TCLF offers scholarships, life and business coaching, as well as supports other non-profits that share a similar vision for helping these youths. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging about business and coaching new up and coming female entrepreneurs.



Lucille Ngila

HR Manager

Lucille Ngila is the HR/Accounting Manager with ITH Staffing, Inc. In this role, Lucille provides support to the team in all aspects of Human Resources and Accounting including Payroll, Accounts Payables/Receivables and Employee Compliance.

Having worked mostly in the areas of Employee Retention and Accounting, for small businesses, she is very familiar with Payroll and HRIS. She is particularly experienced in the areas of Payroll and Employee Compliance and Retention. Having spent over 6 years as a Payroll Retention Manager where she ensured all employee documents were up to per as well as processing payroll for over 100 employees on a weekly basis.

ILucille currently holds a degree in Accounting and Business Administration and is also pursuing her studies in Accounting.

In her spare time, Lucille loves to travel, dine, spend time with family and friends, and enjoys a good game of Tennis.





Misty Fulton

Senior Recruiter

I live in Graham, NC and I have been an IT Recruiter for approximately 8 years now. I absolutely love recruiting because it allows me to help others in their career-being to support their family find happiness in what they do. I just love it. Ive been told that I am a “more technical recruiter” understanding a wide range of technologies and how they work from Heldpesk Support, Networking, Systems, Storage, Infrastructure, and Secruity to Engineers, Architects, Directors, VP’s and CTO’s. I utilize my expertise to find all types of candidates, including the hard to finer “niche“‘ ones :)

In my spare time, I’m running my daughters all over Gods great creation supporting them in school and their many extra-curricular activities. My significant other and daughters are my life! I love Obstacle Coarse Racing (OCR Mud Runs), running, knitting, camping, hiking, mountain biking and cooking! 


Mwamba Nguluta

Account Manager

My names are Mwamba Agatha Nguluta, I am currently pursing my Master's Degree in Project Management. I have been working for  ITH Staffing close to five years now and I like the fact that I can call this group of people that I work with Family. I am an easy going person, I love to laugh, travel and try out new things and meet people.

Account Manager at ITH Staffing


Account Manager

Heather Terry has worked in the customer service industry since her teen years as an entrepreneurial 16-year-old.  A big believer that great customer service is the key to a successful business, Heather has continued her growth in the recruiting industry since 2014 - starting her career as a recruiter before ultimately moving to the area of compliance where she soon became a manager.  

Ever the consummate recruiter, now contributing as an active member of the ITH Staffing, Inc. team Heather states, “I simply love being a recruiter!  The greatest reward is providing job-seekers with the opportunity to land their dream job.” 

Advancing her education, Heather is pursuing a degree in Human Resources.  In her spare time, she enjoys being with family, gardening and DIY-ing.


Contract Procurement Director at ITH Staffing

Rick Garcia

Contract Procurement Director

Rick Garcia’s background in real estate has served as a vantage point in his business development role for ITH Staffing, Inc.  His augmented focus for the organization includes fostering diversity programs and building relationships with companies that support diversity certifications, such as for women owned and minority owned businesses. 

A performer true to his unstoppable nature, as he is multi-faceted in his interests, Garcia is also an actor.  Active in the theatrical scene, it is not unusual to catch his work on television or on a live theatre stage.  The Southern California native prides himself on continuing to contribute to his thriving community.

Digital Marketing Manager at ITH Staffing

Jeremy Portillo

Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital expert, Jeremy Portillo brings to the ITH Staffing, Inc. team a diversified cachet of experience, including:  Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Videography, Photography, and Web Development.  He has more than six years experience contributing to digital marketing campaigns, with an added concentration in graphics for approximately ten years.  He is a graduate from the prestigious FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising).  

When not coming up with ITH Staffing’s next digital marketing solution as part of his collaborative effort, he enjoys traveling to new locations, experiencing new foods and cultures, cooking, and being an avid workout buff at the gym – taking his “personal design” to the next level